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Why managed IT services providers recommend Thin and Zero Clients | IntelliTeK Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia

Managed IT services providers will almost certainly recommend a setup which allows lightweight computers to replace desktop computers and connect to a server to deliver the software applications that your staff need.

Referred to as Desktop Virtualisation, software sits on a server and can be accessed whenever and wherever you need it. This process allows for less powerful and less expensive client devices. We highly recommend the use of Thin and Zero clients here at IntelliTeK and here’s why:

  • Since the clients do not require access to the endpoint operating system, it’s alot more secure than traditional desktop. This way users are, generally,  protected from viruses and hacking.
  • There is no USB port connectivity on Thin and Zero clients which means it is resistant to tampering, all storage takes place on the main server.
  • Cost savings will definitely increase as these lightweight thin and zero clients require less resources than desktops. They use less space in an office or data centre. Licensing costs are much lower and the cost of a single thin or zero client will cost less than a desktop or laptop.
  • Similarly to the above, energy costs will be reduced. The average thin client consumes 8-25 watts compared to a PC running at 150+ watts. Thin and zero clients often run around the clock non-stop. Not only will this give your business plus points with its carbon footprint but also it’s heat generation will be much lower, to the benefit of clients located in warmer climates.
  • These clients will last you longer – very little wear and tear means they should last you much longer than desktops. No need to worry about parts because in the event that one fails you, just simple purchase (or exchange) another unit, plug it in and away you go.
  • The term virtualisation means you can virtually access the server anywhere on the planet, meaning more productivity for your staff even during times when they cannot make it to the office or are working away from the office.

If you’re in the market for Thin and Zero clients, whether bulk or single purchases, IntelliTeK are 10ZIG’s sole distributor in the APAC region. You don’t need to look any further when looking for the right Thin and Zero clients. Constructed to provide the best performance possible in VDI and Server-Based Applications/Desktops for hosted and cloud environments, 10ZIG’s Zero Clients are VMware, Citrix and Microsoft certified. They are designed to meet the needs of all types of users, from Task-based right through to Power users requiring full HD multimedia, 3D, CAD and/or Quad Screen support.

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