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Small to medium businesses will benefit the most from outsourcing their IT services to a dedicated managed IT services provider. Most businesses are doing so and it continues to be the trend. If you haven’t outsourced your IT yet, here are a few points which will change your mind.

It’s the trend these days

Not on the same level as fidget-spinners, instead businesses worldwide are looking to dedicated managed IT services providers to handle all of their IT. IT should no longer be viewed as a business requirement but instead as a strategic business component that can help protect and drive further business growth. It’s forecasted that by the end of 2017, 43 per cent of small to medium businesses will have outsourced their IT services to another organisation.

Strategic Benefits

As mentioned in the previous point, outsourcing IT services comes with its advantages – one of which are the wreaking the benefits of an IT provider who has partners with industry-leading companies – providing the client with savings and access to the best and latest resources. Microsoft for example have different levels of partners (Gold, Silver) and depending on the managed IT services provider, the client can gain access to their best offerings at very affordable rates.


This is arguable but most would lean to it favouring the client. A managed IT services provider will hire the best technical able staff to handle any situation (troubleshooting, initiating, managing) and for any type of client. Usually, both businesses (or parties) will abide by a contract and therefore the staff at the IT services provider will be under scrutiny at all times to perform at their best and offer only the best level of customer service.

Efficient managed IT services providers have service level agreements (SLAs) in place to keep a high level of service between both parties, including the level of customer and technical service. Staff at IT providers will almost certainly have additional qualifications and certifications from different partners (Microsoft, WatchGuard etc) and this usually adds to an IT services providers credentials.


Following on closely from the previous point is the ability to be agile – a managed IT services provider will most certainly have a team of staff that are capable of performing any IT task necessary. This may not be the case with in-house as costs will certainly play a factor as to the number of IT staff one business will hire. The usual hierarchy of an IT provider comprises of an Account Manager who is the one handling your account, beneath that person may comprise of different tiered technical staff and as far as the client is concerned the managed IT services provider can handle all things to do with IT – whether it’s a migration, disaster and recovery or even implementation. This could be limiting for the in-house option.

Overall better business focus

Outsourcing IT helpdesk facilities let internal staff focus on their day to day duties and long term visions. Sometimes incorporating the IT side of things into day to day meetings and emails turns out to be more time consuming. It’s best to leave the IT side of things to the IT company and let them pull the strings to achieve your desired IT outcomes. With SLA’s in place, dedicated IT staff and technically accredited staff, outsourcing your IT is the best strategic decision one can make – it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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