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Migrating data from one or several sources into a target platform or application is a big risk; data migration is a task easier said than done. However, with IntelliTeK, you get the experience, resources, and proven methodology required to move your business data.

As a leader in data migration services, we have supported hundreds of Australian businesses in safely migrating their data to cloud platforms.

Data Migration with IntelliTeK:

  • Reduced risks through strong approval practices, data validation, and workflows.
  • Proven methodology and planning that takes into account data volume and value, proper scheduling, and hardware requirements.
  • Our specialised team of data migration experts simplify the complex migration process.
  • Benefit from a dedicated team that offers 24/7 support. As a result, reducing your in-house support costs and maximising your IT investments.

In addition, we work alongside your business to manage the migration process, assessing the accuracy and integrity of your data. Afterwards, we are able to seamlessly and efficiently migrate your infrastructure into the cloud. Above all, with a highly-skilled team and years of experience and expertise in this field, you can trust IntelliTeK to migrate your business’s data.

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