“Broadpwn” exploit eliminated with iOS 10.3.3 update
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"Broadpwn" exploit eliminated with iOS 10.3.3 update | IntelliTeK Pty Ltd - Managed IT Services

This release fixes a serious vulnerability in the Wi-Fi chips used in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, which allows an attacker to remotely take control of your device over a wireless network.

Like a lot of mobile devices, Apple’s use Broadcom chips for Wi-Fi connectivity. But it turns out that the BCM43xx family of chips, which is used in iPhone 5 to iPhone 7, the fourth-generation iPad and later, and the latest iPod touch, contains a serious vulnerability.

Dubbed “Broadpwn,” it allows an attacker to take control of your device while it is searching for a Wi-Fi network — even without your passcode or Apple ID. Your device simply needs to be within wireless range of the hacker, who can crash your phone or tablet remotely. “Broadpwn” has also affected a broad range of devices from companies like HTC, LG and Samsung, although Google patched the exploit in Android devices on July 5 after listing it as a critical security flaw.

The affected Broadcom BCM43xx chips are used in every iPhone and iPad from iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad onward. The sixth-generation iPod touch is prone to this exploit as well.

To download iOS 10.3.3. iPhone owners can use the Software Update mechanism in Settings → General → Software Update on their iOS device.

Alternatively, users can connect their device to iTunes via a USB cable, select their device from the list, click the Summary tab, and then click the Check for Update button to download iOS.

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