Infringement Notice Scam: Email scam targets Australia inboxes
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Infringement Notice Scam: Email scam targets Australia inboxes

A new email scam has hit inboxes across Sydney and all over Australia and are bringing IT services experts scrambling. The scam harnesses the urgency of a legitimate issue; in particular, e-ticket infringement notices.

An e-ticket is defined by the Queensland Police Service as “an electronic infringement notice auto-delivered to the person via email, MMS or Australian Post at the time of the incident.” Citizens have the choice of receiving the e-ticket through email or MMS if they have been stopped by a police officer and they have opted for the aforementioned methods of receiving their ticket.

Given that the e-ticket stands for an actual ticket from the police, those who are receiving the scam are understandably concerned. The fraudulent e-ticket came from the display name of Anna POL #6635 and uses the address of

The e-ticket looks eerily similar to the real thing. It uses compromised MailChimp accounts to distribute the fraudulent email that downloads a malicious ZIP file. Since the accounts are legitimate, email scanners and anti-virus programs failed to identify and block the initial attacks.

While the attacks were rampant, here are a few ways to identify them to avoid being victimized:

  • Scam emails usually utilize generic greetings, such as “Dear customer.” Legitimate accounts would use customized greetings, with the subscriber’s name.
  • Scam emails usually have a sense of urgency, triggering prompt action on the subscriber’s part. Examples of these are “Ensure your invoice is paid immediately to avoid unnecessary fees.”
  • Scam emails usually have bad grammar, excessive or few punctuation marks, and have poor quality or distorted graphics. The graphics can just be copied from a legitimate email, which may explain the poor quality. So an email that has a sense of urgency and poor grammar are your usual telltale signs of a scam, so be careful in clicking the link.
  • Scam emails tend to use obscure sending addresses, such as the one mentioned above.
  • Scam emails usually ask subscribers to click a link. Once they do, it automatically triggers a download of the malicious file. To avoid this, hover over the link to ensure that you are being redirected to a legitimate website.

Despite every IT professionals’ best intentions, scammers are all over the world and would snap at the opportunity to make a quick buck. Therefore, it pays to be vigilant and to enlist the services of a certified firm that offers comprehensive IT security packages.

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