Protect Your Company from These Data Protection Myths
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Protect Your Company from These Data Protection Myths

Governments all over the world are cracking down on data protection. Never before has privacy and confidentially been uttered with utmost seriousness in the corporate world.

After all, data is the bread and butter of your company. If your data is lost, compromised, or even leaked to a competitor, then you would be in a world of trouble. Despite the Corporate Governance Laws that call for specific and stringent measures to protect a company’s data, there are still those who are not practicing the best practices. Here are some of these myths and what you can do to avoid them:

Users can do their own backup

In several companies, users are tasked to backup their files to a secure server. While this may sound like a failsafe rule, the reality is that not everyone follows it. In fact, most employees would use the server for their personal backup — think music, movies, and pictures. As a result, precious storage is wasted on the company server, and confidential and sensitive data are left unprotected. If this is sounds like your backup system, then you should know that your IT Department, and therefore, your company, is not compliant to Corporate Governance laws. If your data is compromised or lost in any way, then you can face legal implications and financial penalties.


Using file sharing as backup

File sharing is actually ideal for precisely what the name implies – file sharing. They are not to be mistaken as an endpoint backup replacement, precisely for the reason that they do not provide sufficient data protection and security. Furthermore, what happens to the files that are not shared to other colleagues? Precisely that – they would also remain unprotected. This, too, is not in line with most Corporate Governance regulations. Lastly, putting all your files and business documents onto the cloud may put you at risk of a ransomware attack.


Choosing the basic endpoint backup is enough

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Maximizing your resources to ensure that your data is protected and secured should be of utmost priority for you and your company. You should look into having a backup and recovery system, local data encryption, and enlist the services of experts to be fully compliant to Corporate Governance laws. You should also look into remote wipe and data theft protection to add another layer of protection into your files.

It goes without saying that proper data security and protection are worth every penny. Look into service providers that can offer you not only the basic endpoint backup, but ones who can provide a whole portfolio of products.

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