How your business will benefit from Cibecs data protection solution
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How your business will benefit from Cibecs data protection solution

Data protection is an integral part of every business. IntelliTeK, in a bid to provide you with the best solutions available in the market today, has included Cibecs in its portfolio of products. Find out how Cibecs can enhance benefit your business today.

What do international brands Western Digital, IBM, CNBC, Coca-Cola, and Barclays have in common? The answer to this is simpler than you think: they are using Cibecs as their data protection solution.

Now, you may probably be wondering what sets Cibecs more impressive than other providers of data protection solutions. The answer lies on Cibecs’ strength: it is, simply put, built for businesses.

Cibecs is considered as the simplest way to backup, protect and secure business endpoint data. It is offers highly efficient, secure endpoint protection, with negligible impact on all devices being protected. It provides secure, real time backup, and protects data anywhere, at any given time. It can be used across different platforms, and is fast and easy to integrate with your existing system. It is also an industry leader in data deduplication, and utilizes powerful, easy to use central management and reporting.

What this means for you

The reality is that 70% of corporate laptops are not encrypted. The data in these laptops are compromised in case the data is stolen, misplaced, or becomes broken. In fact, a company laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. For each laptop lost, the possible damage to the company is $49,000, provided that it is filled with confidential information and trade secrets, which company laptops often are. Also, even executives are not that keen on following instructions when it comes to backing up files: in fact, 45% of them do not backup their data.

This brings us to the question, what should you do to ensure that a lost laptop cannot hurt your company? The quick solution to ensure data protection is to either retrieve the data a backup server, which 73% of IT managers say is difficult to perform. Another option is to simply remote wipe the data on the compromised device; however, 90% of IT departments say they do not have the capability to do so.

Just think of how your company will suffer if your data is compromised. With Cibecs, you will be able to glean the following benefits:

  • Prevent data loss and ensure recoverability
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce cost
  • Enhanced infrastructure optimization
  • Enforce corporate governance

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