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Understanding the Cibecs Advantage - Contact IntelliTeK Today!

In a previous blog, we talked about our latest data protection solutions line offered by Cibecs. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Cibecs is considered as the simplest way to backup, protect and secure business endpoint data. It is a South African developed technology with multiple international offices with resellers in 16 countries, and services countless customers globally. Some of its more renowned customers are Barclays, Kraft, Coca-Cola, and Western Digital, among others.

The Challenge

Cibecs is an effective technology given that it responds to the challenges that commonly hound data protection solutions. For instance, traditional data protection systems usually rely on users to copy their files to the server and to back up their own data. Unfortunately, users don’t typically follow the IT policies, not because they do not want to, but because they don’t really know how to do so. It is also too time consuming for users to back up their data, particularly if they are utilizing mobile devices. There is also the pressing concern of who can access the data that they are backing up on to the system.

All these challenges lead to even more problems for the IT department. A usual scenario is when the IT team cannot monitor or enforce the policies, since they do not know if all the pertinent data are backed up, given that this is based on the user’s actions. The IT team also has no control over what data is backed up, where it is stored, and often this is done.

The Cibecs Advantage

Cibecs responds to these challenges by allowing managed IT providers to secure and manage all endpoint user data within the company with a single, centrally managed, scalable, and cost-effective software solution. They are also allowed to centrally configure, deploy, and manage a company’s backup, security, and data loss prevention policies from a single dashboard. It automates protection by encrypting data in real time, and backs up data as well.

This therefore reduces the risk that pertinent data is not being backed up, or that there is no security in place in case a mobile device such as a laptop or a mobile phone with company emails is stolen or lost. Through Cibecs, we are also able to remotely remove data from any compromised device, further ensuring that your data is protected, no matter where it is.

Finally, another advantage is that we at IntelliTeK would provide you with round-the-clock support in case you need help with your Cibecs system. To find out more about our Cibecs offerings contact us now to help us find your company the best data management solution.

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