IntelliTeK: Helping you reach your full potential through managed IT services
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IntelliTek: Helping you reach your full potential through managed IT services

There are many managed IT services providers in Sydney, yet there are only few companies that can offer you end-to-end processes that safeguards your data and enhances your productivity. IntelliTeK is one of these companies.

IntelliTeK, an industry leader in managed IT services, is armed with over 60 years of software engineering and IT consultancy experience. The 100% Australian-owned company has been helping countless companies harness their full potentials by reducing the stresses brought about by rampant attacks and vulnerable IT systems. What’s more, IntelliTeK has also helped many firms enhance their portfolios and thereby boost their bottom lines simply by harnessing managed IT services to improve their firm’s productivity.

A sample of this is Drug & Alcohol Services Association (DASA), which suffered from damaging ransomware and cryptolocker attacks prior to signing up with IntelliTeK. The latter provided the former with a full suite of protection, ranging from malware and phishing protection, spam and unwanted mail prevention/interception, and end-to-end next generation protection. All these contributed to fortifying DASA’s security defenses and making its website, email, and other assets more secure.

Another benefit introduced by IntelliTeK to DASA is the migration of some of its processes to Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is a cloud-based service that enables flexibility and mobility, without compromising productivity and security. How so? By utilizing Office 365, DASA employees can perform their functions on their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, all without losing data. It also has extensive data protection and backup system that ensures seamless integration.

As a result of harnessing Office 365, DASA is then able to enjoy the full benefit of the system that fosters better collaboration and production. Multiple users can access one file at any given time, and the changes are saved in real time. There are no downtimes, so the interaction among peers and collaborators are continuous. What’s more, IntelliTeK complemented Office 365’s systems with their own so that the data protection and security system is unparalleled.

Today, DASA no longer has to worry about phishing campaigns, ransomware attacks, or even being vulnerable again. IntelliTeK has ensured that DASA has the best tools to remain competitive in the industry, as well as equipped it with the right security packages to protect its data.

After all, data is considered as one of the most important assets of a company. Leaked data and resources can spell trouble for most companies. Do not put yourself into a vulnerable position and take charge of your security needs today by contacting IntelliTeK and make the switch to managed IT.

About IntelliTeK Pty Ltd

IntelliTeK is a managed IT services company in Sydney, Australia. With major vendor relationships and accreditation’s from the worlds leading IT companies including WatchGuard, Microsoft, Trend Micro and Amazon Web Services, IntelliTeK have kept clients happy since 2007. 

IntelliTeK are always up to date with the latest cloud backup solutions which is why we only partner with the best in the industry. If your company isn’t fully equipped to fend off cyber criminals, then get in touch with us so we can discuss your options. Call us on 1300 768 779, email us at, fill out the web form, or have a Live Chat with us below.

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