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Here's why your business needs to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 - Managed IT Services from IntelliTeK Sydney Australia

Microsoft Office 365 is the fastest growing cloud productivity application and if your business hasn’t upgraded to it yet, IntelliTeK can help you install, migrate and manage your personalised Office 365 package.

Here are 6 reasons why your business should upgrade to Office 365:

Communicate and collaborate within or outside of your organisation

With Office 365, each user has their own separate login portal which connects to a shared environment, meaning it gives everybody access to files or documents from within the organisation and allows you to work on them from almost anywhere on the planet. It doesn’t matter how many people are working on them, collaboration is made easy by notifying users who is accessing what and they are complimented with the ability to send messages to all employees and even invite or participate in online meetings.

Anytime, anywhere access

The cloud has revolutionised the way we work, and one of the prime reasons for upgrading to Office 365 is the ability to access files from practically anywhere. Whether standing on a crowded bus, you can access your email on your Android mobile or iPhone. If you’re on vacation and something urgent has come up that you need to work on, you can hook up your laptop or tablet to Office 365 and instantly access your files. If you’re in a spot where there is totally no internet access at all, you can continue to work offline and have everything synced up as soon as you do get online.

Safety and security

Managed IT services firms always recommend Office 365 for safety and security as they meet industry standard certifications. Not only that, many dedicated IT security tools are almost 100% compatible with Office 365 leading to zero or very minimal compatibility issues when it comes to securing your work space. With Office 365 being used by large enterprises worldwide you shouldn’t be worried about having an active cloud-based working environment.

Streamline internal communication

Office 365 provides owners with their own private network, aka Intranet, to create their own hub and share important files over the network. Organisations often create online portals which caters for company wide documents (company policies) and/or new employees in order for them access files that they need to view upon starting with the company – this is just an example of how organisations can use an Intranet.

No advanced IT knowledge needed

Most of us grew up using Microsoft Office, and Office 365 is built around that ensuring users just carry on using applications like Word, Excel, Outlook etc. Office 365 collaborates your work so that if you edit a document on your desktop in the office at 4:45pm, you can resume from the same point on your laptop when you get home at 6pm. Office 365 was made to make your life easier and even setting it up is a walk in the park, as long as the managed IT services company knows a thing or two about Office 365. In the event you need assistance or support, trained engineers from IntelliTeK are ready and waiting to assist you with whatever issue you maybe having.

Cost effective

Office 365 off the shelf is already priced competitively, partnering with a managed IT services company such as IntelliTeK means you will get even more savings especially packed with other products and services. It’s best to speak to a sales advisor now who can recommend and provide you with discounted quotations to match your business needs. But in general Office 365 offers great flexibility and you will pay for what you need. No up-selling here at IntelliTeK and being a NSW Government ICT supplier means we can offer honest, straight-forward and competitive quotes.

What to do next?

As one of Sydney’s leading managed IT services providers, IntelliTeK will select the right Office 365 licensing option for your organisation. We will plan and identify your needs to match the Office 365 subscription for your business. We will then proceed to install Office 365 and authenticate everything into your existing environment which includes managing spam control and single sign-on capabilities.

We will migrate user mailboxes and any public folders as well as authenticate each users Office 365 subscription. After installation and implementation we won’t  wash our hands and say goodbye, we provide helpdesk support 24 hours a day, 365 days a week relating to any Office 365 issue whatsoever. Whether you are unfamiliar with how something works or you would like to be demonstrated or even trained on some of the features of Office 365, we will happily be available to take your calls or emails.

Call us on 1300 768 779, email us at, fill out the web form on this page, or chat to one of our sales advisors via the Live Chat module below.

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