Traditional managed IT services vs. The Cloud
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Traditional managed IT services vs. The Cloud

For more than a decade now, cloud computing has been causing massive changes in IT. It’s all about the agile and nimble way of doing things compared to more traditional IT models.

What’s changed exactly? Here are a few areas of IT that have been upended by the cloud computing revolution. See how they compare to their traditional IT equivalents: 

  • Infrastructure investment – A pay-as-you-go model with full cost visibility compared to costly capital investment
  • Governance – Transformation into a hybrid cloud service broker model and policy-based governance compared to “IT as a gatekeeper” and manual approval processes
  • Flexibility and scalability – End-to-end automation and provisioning of a standard platform along with ability to scale, compared to manual, error-prone and time-consuming processes
  • Resiliency and elasticity – A distributed and decoupled architecture ensuring that there is no single point of failure and offering more resources as demand increases, compared to less resilient systems with limited capacity
  • Security – Simplified and available as a service with a best-of-breed technology and no upfront expenses, compared to appliance-based methods incurring considerable up-front cost and requiring experienced in-house staff

Managed services in the cloud

The benefits above are clear, but one crucial challenge remains: managed services in the cloud. Managed services, which might have been called “run and maintain” in traditional IT, include:

  • IT service management
  • IT operation management
  • IT self-service portal
  • Multi-cloud management and orchestration
  • Configuration management
  • Billing and charge back
  • Centralized logging and analytics
  • Management of workloads and services including backup, monitoring, patching and end-point protection

Thankfully, modern DevOps, ITSM and cloud brokerage tools help address this challenge. The success of this effort, however, still lies in choosing the right tools and automating the right processes around them – fortunately here at IntelliTeK we have flexible and customisable tools to suit any business, from startup to large organisations.

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