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CompTIA, the world’s leading tech association, recently released a report about the annual trends in the managed services industry. After analysing its findings, here is a concise argument as to why you should invest in managed IT services, particularly in Sydney.

The managed service provider (MSP) market is steadily growing. While most MSPs are small, they are continually growing and expanding, while trying to prove to their competitors why they are the best of the best. Perhaps this significant growth can be attributed in part to the fierce competition: MSPs are constantly trying to improve their services to get a better chunk of the market.

According to CompTIA, small to medium business owners are looking for specific drivers when they are considering an MSP. These drivers can range from the desire to reduce overhead costs to the general belief that hiring a third-party service provider can offer better security and uptime. Among these drivers are: improved security; access to newer technologies without upfront infrastructure costs; cost- reduction; peace of mind; proactive approach to IT problems; remote office IT; and cloud flexibility.

Now, if you are a SMB owner looking for an MSP, here are some of the things you should never go without:

  • Enhanced security – MSPs such as IntelliTek can provide you with top of the line security solutions. We can monitor and secure your mobile devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets—even wearable technology! We can secure any device that contains your information.
  • Responses to IT problems – Instead of simply reacting and finding solutions when an IT problem manifests, working with a reputable MSP can give you a proactive approach to this problem. This means that potential problems will be addressed even before they can pose a threat. Your team will have the peace of mind that they are using the best solutions at any given time.
  • Maximized uptime – Downtime can spell disastrous losses to your business. For this reason, it is important that you partner with an MSP that can provide you with maximized uptime, at any given time. This means you can boost your productivity and enhance the quality of your services, without having to worry about system maintenance or closing shop for a few hours. The MSP will do the maintenance for you – all your systems will be running, particularly when you need them the most.

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