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oud Wars - Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018

What can we all expect for the year ahead when it comes to the cloud? Managed IT experts and leaders have their say. One thing’s for sure, the cloud industry certainly is going to stay static, rather it will continue to innovate and change at rapid pace.

  • Hybrid Cloud Will Expand and Power Forward

Many managed IT service providers and IT vendors will see edge computing and digital transformation trends continue for 2018. This further bolsters the case for hybrid cloud models to grow. The hybrid computing environment has several elements from communication costs to intellectual property to the reliability of applications. Hybrid computing is increasingly becoming a way of life, including the way data and applications are spread between in-house platforms, SaaS and IaaS. Further down the line, it’s important to take into account the shift of responsibilities and liabilities to third parties – as the usage of data increases, it is important to take into account management and orchestration among the different platforms.

  • Dealing Cyber Security at Board-Level

2017 saw the peak of cyber security attacks and it is likely to increase further if companies around the world don’t act on it from an executive level rather than at at ground level. Purchasing and installing a bunch of anti-viruses is definitely not the answer. Managed IT companies are continuously updating and upgrading their defences to at the very least minimise the amount of data breaches and cyber attacks. Truth be told, the cloud interconnects far more people than ever before, more devices, more data and more applications all linked together than ever before. With such data being interchanged every second of the day and via various different cloud channels, cyber security is definitely a hot topic which needs to be addressed at the very top. Getting together with industry and regional executives, we will see change in the way companies handle data and stricter measures enforced to those who don’t address the issue.

  • Cloud Adoption to Cloud Optimisation

It is safe to say most businesses have already turned to the cloud to streamline their business operations in some way or form. But for 2018 we see businesses streamlining and optimising their operations by utilising the better product/service offerings companies have to offer. Take Google for example, their Google G Suite and Drive has come a long way since its inception all those years ago. A combination of updates and AI has pushed Google to offer better, improved and safer products to the public. Businesses in turn take advantage of the improvements by applying it to their own business processes. Cloud technology will continue to improve, even if takes a cyber attack here and there for companies to realise their faults.


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