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Security Is The Forefront Of IntelliTeK's Managed IT Services | Managed IT Services

IntelliTeK’s modern day managed IT services has evolved from providing our clients better, streamlined IT solutions to ensuring our clients are safe from the daily threats of cyber criminals. Almost overnight, cyber security has risen to the top of the agenda when discussing the needs of potential clients.

Ever since the likes of Cryptolocker and WannaCry came to the public eye, businesses – big and small – have taken a stern look into their IT security and ensured that none of these cyber threats affected their organisations. Here at IntelliTeK we maximise client’s protection by focusing on four key areas of IT security:

Endpoint Security

When we mean endpoint we mean having every avenue covered, be it hardware, software and how it’s managed. We don’t protect our clients using free tools which you can download from the internet, we understand that free tools generally don’t work on servers and low-cost alternatives usually have better results on windows only. We have you covered whether its servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones (Android and iOS). We also understand that there isn’t a one size fits all antivirus, and the best approach to protect our clients is to have a multilayered approached where there is a combination of pattern-based detection, machine learning, behavior monitoring, anti-ransomware protection, real-time analysis, heuristics and reputation analysis. Having your endpoint security centrally managed is a must and our IT support helpdesk is ready and waiting to take your call/email 24 hours of the day.

Mobile Security

We know and understand that employees are no longer bound to the office and desks as they use to be many years ago, and it is this fact alone which breaks with the security norm where businesses protected anything and everything inside the walls of their office. There are managed service providers out there who say they have you covered in this aspect, but what they are really offering you is a basic level of security protection for mobile devices. We believe in having a hosted solution which is 100% maintained by us, which means we are solely responsible for securing your devices wherever you may be. A hosted solution will also be beneficial for monitoring and auditing internet usage habits and enforcing any company policies regarding web browsing.

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Email Security

Arguably the biggest slice of the modern day IT security pie largely due to email being one of the primary success methods cyber criminals have had to penetrate defences and unleash their terror. We swear by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) which makes it easy to re-route email through a hosted solution for pre-filtering, before it arrives at your mail servers. Domain Name Servers (DNS) and industry-leading spam detection adds further layers to our clients IT security. All of which fights of the huge amount of spam (90% or higher) a server gets on a daily basis – since this is where ransomware gets distributed, detecting spam emails is a critical part of our email security defence.

Cloud Applications

With more and more clients having employees based in many different locations, businesses are opting to migrate their business applications to the cloud. Whilst most opt for big company offerings from Google, Microsoft and Dropbox, they may only provide you with a basic level of security. Although we partner with the industry’s best, we are very much aware that there are threats which simply aren’t picked up by native security, for example, with Office 365. We take the necessary precautions to prevent data leakage from cloud applications to ensure all employees are able to work remotely without any worries.

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IntelliTeK are always up to date with the latest cloud backup solutions which is why we only partner with the best in the industry. If your company isn’t fully equipped to fend off cyber criminals, then get in touch with us so we can discuss your options. Call us on 1300 768 779, email us at, fill out the web form, or have a Live Chat with us below.

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