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IntelliTeK Pty Ltd - Top Rated Managed Service Providers Sydney

IntelliTeK is a team of IT professionals who have over 60 years of experience in consultancy, managed IT services and software engineering. We actively work in an environment where positivity stems from the bottom, up. We seek to provide solutions to all problems and ensure we do it in a manner where our customer is happy and our staff are proud of the job they have done.

Managed IT Services

IntelliTeK takes pride in offering comprehensive managed IT services for companies across Australia. We provide businesses with the best IT solutions, complimented with around the clock 24/7 helpdesk support and monitoring. We take pride in offering network support and maintenance and we deploy our experienced and highly skilled engineers to your site should there be a need to. There is never a one size fits all package. IntelliTeK listens to your business needs and wants. We are always ready to customise a package to fit the size and scale of your business.

ICT Consultancy Services

Starting with your specific requirements, we will assess your needs, budget and workload in order for us to plan and tailor-make a solution which suits your business. Be it managed IT services, migrations or software development, we ensure that you will receive the best possible solution to match your business needs.

Software Development

Our breadth of experience is extensive; financial services, professional services, trades, retail, wholesale, pharmaceutical, media, education, not for profit to name a few. From the beginning building on a strong relationship of trust, with a focus on communication and consistency.

Adapting and updating your old legacy software systems can also be a huge challenge. The good news is we’ve ‘been there and done that’ many times, and we know the right questions to ask to ensure your transition to a new system will be as smooth and easy as possible. Web apps, mobile apps or anything your business needs developed from a programming point of view, we can have it created and managed from inception to release. Common applications/programs include e-commerce, project management, billing, web portals and even company websites. Our team of skilled consultants have experience in creating such applications and programs so it is second nature to them to guide your business through the process of planning to, production, and creating user documentation.

Procurement Services

At IntelliTek we can take care of the time-consuming process of researching the physical infrastructure and hardware that is best for your business.  Using our experience and expertise, we assess what you need and deliver it promptly, whether it is an order of desktops or tablets. We have close relationships with leading vendors such as Dell, WatchGuard, HP, Cisco and many more. You can count on us to provide fast, reliable and detailed quotations, and we will manage the relationship with vendors to ensure that any repairs that may be required under the warranty are fully covered.

Software is at the core of your business computing needs, providing the tools that allow your staff to operate and communicate efficiently.  Software license purchasing, can be challenging and is often very time consuming and confusing for businesses. We give you access to leading software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Sophos, Symantec, AVG, VMware and many others. We implement the best software model for your business and ensure your software assets are well-managed and cost-effective.

Cloud Migration Services

No matter what cloud migration challenge you have on the horizon, we will ensure that the process will go smoothly from start to finish. With every cloud migration we spend hours planning the process and even more time implementing the process to ensure there are no hiccups post-completion. We are aware clients also have specific requirements relating to cloud migrations and we are no strangers to planning and executing custom migration tasks.

IT Security Services

With the threat of ransomware at an all time high, we take IT security seriously. We only trust in industry leading partners to assist in protecting your business from any external threats. A combination of periodic backups, network firewalls and email security ensures our clients are safe from external threats so that they can focus peacefully on their day to day tasks.


IntelliTeK is one of the fastest growing IT service providers in Australia. We are always up to date with the latest threats to emails and IT security which is why we only partner with the best in the industry. If your company isn’t fully equipped to fend off cyber criminals, then get in touch with us so we can discuss your options. Call us on 1300 768 779, email us at, fill out the web form, or have a Live Chat with us below.

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