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Choosing The Right MSP For Small Businesses in Sydney - IntelliTeK Managed IT Services Sydney

Online security issues in Australia are at an all time high so choosing the best managed IT services team for your Sydney business is paramount.

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) reported a billion dollars in losses last year, due to internet scams alone. But what about unreported incidents? Before, cyber criminals only went after big corporations but they have been targeting SMEs of late, taking advantage of small business owner’s thinking that hiring a managed IT services team for their Sydney business is an unnecessary expense.

That may have been true a decade ago but Cisco revealed that the number of new cyber threats have been growing at a rate of 14% every year and the shortage in manpower with adept security skills appears to be on the increase. Security issues were only 7th on the list of managed IT concerns last year but it is now in the top 2.

In today’s infested cyberspace, Sydney SMEs need a dependable managed IT services company to keep business data safe and to ensure their businesses do not fall apart if they encounter cyber attacks.

Here are some helpful hints to take note of when shopping for the best MSP to give your Sydney business top notch managed IT support services:

Flexibility of the Managed IT Services Company

Most MSPs operate remotely but there will be on-site issues over the course of the term. Find out if the managed IT services company offers strictly remote services or if they offer on-site services too. Enquire about charges that may be incurred for on-site support as well.

Data Storage

MSPs store data in different ways. It is important to find a managed IT services company that has the correct type of data storage that would best fit your kind of business. Do they store the data in their own data centre, in the client’s own on-site server, on a cloud based server, or do they offer a hybrid of off-site/on-site and cloud data storage?

Day to day services

Hiring a managed IT services company for your Sydney business would be like having an IT department or an extension of your own IT department if you have IT personnel on-site. Are there any rules or regulations on communication? Do they have a client portal where you can access reports, submit trouble tickets, and check status updates?

A good managed IT services group in Sydney would have a straightforward ticketing system for ease of communication between them and the client. There should be a knowledge repository so each side can provide valuable information on best practices, debugging methods, providing updates, discussing standard operating procedures and other important data.

Standard Responses To Emergencies

Now that you know what the day to day services should be like, it is time to find out how they would respond to certain IT emergencies. Ask what process the Sydney managed IT services team employs for certain issues such as when the proxy, firewall, or server goes down. How will they notify you in such cases, what resources will they allocate for you when such emergencies occur.

MSP Certifications

You would only want to entrust your business security to capable individuals of course. Ask about the number of team members that the managed IT services company is comprised of and enquire about their individual certifications. The IT world is forever evolving so it is important for MSPs to have experts with updated training certifications who keep up to date with the latest advancements in technology.  These certifications could also indicate the relationship the MSP has with technology suppliers. If they have partner status then it would be easier for them to communicate with the manufacturer’s engineers which would prove priceless when complex issues that need manufacturer tools and support are encountered.

Size and Culture

Having the right match in culture between your company and the MSP is very important. The size of their team of course matters, depending on the kind of support your business needs. You might feel that your business would be more protected if you opt for a large nationwide provider but that would mean that they also have a big number of clients so their staff would have a dispersed workforce. A medium sized managed IT services team might be better able to focus on your company’s needs and provide a customised flexible service. The key is identifying your company’s priorities and to choose the MSP that can best fulfil your business requirements.

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