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Why Cloud Services Are More Equipped To Fend Off Fight Email Spam - IntelliTeK Managed IT Services Sydney

Email filtering is the process involving the segmentation of certain emails by specific criteria. Included in email filtering is spam filtering where unsolicited and unwanted emails are filtered out so that your inbox or even servers do not get clogged up. Cloud services tend to be more superior than using on-site applications and we will go on to explain why.

Little do people know that spam emails often or not come through in their 1,000’s and only a handful manage to get to your inbox – potentially carrying Malware or other system damaging software. With the vast amount of spam emails received on a daily basis, email filtering has become an essential tool to fight against cyber criminals. Cyber criminals are regularly finding new ways to infiltrate business defences and it is vital that whatever email filtering you have setup it should be up to date and well-equipped to filter out the unwanted.

So why cloud services email filtering?

Cloud based email filtering services are usually cost-effective as there are no expensive integrations or necessary installations in order for it to be up and running. Cloud services doesn’t require any licenses neither, which for some equates to huge savings. Comparing costs when utilising cloud-based email filtering vs. traditional on-site applications will save you anywhere between 5-10 times the amount it would cost to use traditional options.

Cloud services are always up to date because they are updated at the vendors end, and it is usually at the vendors end where they receive instant and accurate intel to ensure that whatever update they roll out means additional security for the user(s). Traditional on-site offerings usually require you to run updates on the software and before your system(s) are fully protected with the latest updates, it could be too late. Sometimes you get prompted to update your version of your email filtering software but sometimes you may leave this to one side and carry on working. With cloud services solutions this isn’t the case and updates will be rolled out even when you’re sleeping.

Some threats may not even enter your network because cloud services email filtering works in real-time. In some cases, especially if you do not have a full licence, traditional onsite software requires you to manually scan your system(s) for threats before they are identified. Time plays an important role in cyber security, because updates and protection works in real time, the extra seconds, minutes or even hours being unprotected may lead to serious repercussions for your business.

Integration with cloud-based emails is naturally more efficient using the likes of Office 365,Microsoft Exchange, G Suite and more.

What type of cloud services email filtering should you get?

It is important to choose the correct provider with the correct compliance. A good reputation helps and complimenting that would be a provider with a good track record (happy customers!). It is essential that the email filters and security are easy to deploy and easy to manage. A self-service user portal would help themselves, reducing the workload on your help desk. It should let users access and manage their email quarantine and release messages inadvertently marked as spam.

IntelliTeK has the solution for your cloud services email filtering needs. In partnership with Sophos, whom today helps secure networks used by 100 million people in 150 countries and 100,000 businesses, including Pixar, Under Armour, Northrop Grumman, Xerox, Ford, Avis, and Toshiba, we work together to ensure your computer, laptop, mobile device and network are safe from cyber criminals by providing custom email security packages to meet every business need. Whether it’s a head count of only 2 to large organisations, IntelliTeK and Sophos work hand in hand to keep you safe. Our help desk runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event that you need assistance with configuring or modifying your email/spam filters.

If your managed IT services company isn’t fully equipped to fend off cyber criminals, then you should definitely get in touch with us so we can discuss your options. Call us on 1300 768 779, email us at info@intellitek.com.au, fill out the web form, or have a Live Chat with us below.

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