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WatchGuard Security Technologies - #1 Choice for Managed IT Services | IntelliTeK Pty Ltd - Sydney Australia

We are in the midst of modern day cyber crime where everyone from students to large worldwide organisations are prey for cyber criminal predators. Which is why it’s essential that your managed IT services provider offers your business only the best network security around.

IntelliTeK have long been partners with industry leading WatchGuard Technologies and it’s easy to see why. WatchGuard’s ability to use of industry-standard hardware ensures that its product performance scales with processor advances from Intel and Freescale. WatchGuard’s modular architecture is based on its Fireware operating system, which runs full versions of the industry’s leading third-party scanning engines. This offers best-of-breed security at every price point, and with maximum flexibility to meet the changing threat landscape.

WatchGuard’s policy-based management console provides a single interface to easily configure and control all security engines, with the flexibility to manage network security from anywhere (such as headquarters to branch locations), without having to install management software. WatchGuard’s full line of network security appliances are backed by reseller partners in 120 countries.


What impresses us the most? WatchGuard’s value and performance. Dollar for dollar WatchGuard delivers network security with impressive throughput, and at an attractive price point. Value is more than just the cost of the hardware. The savings with Watchguard also come from integrated feature sets, low upgrade costs, decreased energy use and more. Which is why we can pass our savings onto our clients and make everybody happy.

WatchGuard are also known for their strong security defence. WatchGuard’s XTM Series relies on a unique “Layer 7” content inspection technology to look at all seven layers of the OSI stack. This combines with fully integrated security subscriptions for complete network protection from viruses, worms, trojans, web exploits, spam, and blended threats. The XCS appliances use a proprietary cloud-based reputation service to take the heat off email servers by blocking 98 per cent of spam with 99.9 per cent accuracy at the perimeter – which means significant performance gains in email throughput. This combines with solid threat protection, data loss prevention, and email encryption capabilities to make our XCS email security solutions the best on the market.


Not only that, WatchGuard are a recognised leader in network security, bagging awards from across the board including Hardware Product of the Year from Network Computing, UK for the SSL 100, Best Channel Vendor from Business Solutions Magazine and Customer Trust Award from Info Security Products Guide.

If your business is on the lookout for world-class security, then you should look no further. We recommend and use WatchGuard products with all of our clients. We pass our savings onto our clients – call or email us today for a free quotation.

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