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Most people think of compromising your credit card information when you are targeted by cyber criminals. However, an even more common scam is one wherein your login credentials are stolen. Read about this latest scam here.

There are reports of the new scam that is copying telecommunications company Vocus. The phishing email asks users to advise the payment status of the purported “attached invoice.”


Once users click the link, they are taken to a faux Microsoft Office 365 login page, where they are asked for their email and password. Once they do so, they are asked to enter the information again for the second time.


Once both processes have been completed, users are then directed to a page which says they have verified their account. Upon closer inspection however, “Microsoft” is spelled as “rnicosoft” to evade being detected.


Why does this matter to you?

Phishing attacks, like the one mentioned above, are becoming more and more rampant. If they are instigated in a corporate level, then the attack can make your company vulnerable to all sorts of trouble.

For instance, by having your login information, they are able to gain access to your accounts. Once they do, they can send out more phishing emails to all your contacts. Just imagine if one of these compromised emails would fall into your client’s mailbox. Companies harp on the importance of security and have steadfastly reassured customers that their information is safe and sound. Had you fallen prey to a phishing attack, then you would be showing your customers that your guarantees are not worth a dime.

Another factor to consider here is that criminals can be collating all the email addresses and selling them to the black market. These criminals can use your data to orchestrate even more elaborate schemes. Adding this to the fact that many companies are migrating to the cloud and harnessing tools such as Microsoft 365, a well-orchestrated attack would therefore compromise not only their systems but their reputations as well.

The only solution against phishing attacks is to use failsafe security tools, such as the ones offered by IntelliTek. Our security portfolio can safeguard your cloud-based technologies, such as Microsoft 365. We can also backup your data and protect them, ensuring that every single information from your company is secured, no matter how mundane the information is.

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