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Phishing scams are becoming more and more common nowadays. In fact, we almost see a new one every day, with the scams ranging from very obvious to cleverly executed.

Yesterday, security expert MailGuard reports that a massive scale phishing scam was launched. It seems like thousands of emails were sent to inboxes, tied together because most of them had the text INV-0601 in the subject line. Aside from these, the compromised emails originated from a Chinese registry company. The newly registered domains are the following:,, and

As with the other prominent phishing attacks we have reported on the past, this set of fraudulent emails sent fake invoices to unsuspecting users. Once the users click through the links to view the invoices, they would be redirected to a SharePoint site where an automatic download for a malicious zip file will be triggered. If they do download the file, it will incorporate a compromised Java script into their computer. Then, their personal information would be ripe for picking for the scammers.

According to MailGuard, the fraudulent emails tagged the following brand names, which may contain names of both legitimate and fake companies:

  • Allcraft Cabinet Works
  • Asian Wok
  • Becton Property Group Limited
  • BO Group
  • Brilliance Developments
  • Burger Martine Dr.
  • Burger Martine Dr.
  • Catering Now
  • CT Corporate Living
  • Dexus Property Group
  • Fence Factory
  • FKP Property Group
  • J N Mousellis Civil Contractors
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Lms Lawyers Services
  • McInnes Management
  • McKinnon Cabinetmakers
  • Mitchell Brandtman
  • Mutual Property Consultant
  • Native Design Workshop
  • OneLeap Finance
  • Oxfam Shop
  • Pearce-Higgins Simon
  • Posh Opp Shoppe
  • Red Earth Developments Australia Pty Ltd
  • Resolution Property Group Pty Ltd
  • Rocdon Development Pty Ltd
  • Silk Homes
  • The Hopkins Group
  • Tijac Pty Ltd

What to do to avoid being scammed

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