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Managed IT service providers were once again able to block fraudulent emails to Sydney users. As the holiday season draws nearer and nearer, the scams are becoming more and more prevalent as well. Thankfully, those who are protected by managed IT experts were able to navigate their emails with ease, knowing that they would not be reached by these scams.

However, many Australians fell prey to the latest scam that brandjacked CityLink, a network of tolled urban freeways in Melbourne, Australia.

This elaborate scam harnessed the sense of urgency and urged users to settle their fine, lest they be fined by Victoria police. The urgent tone of the email plus the threat of the police being involved were enough to convince some users that the email is real. Due to this, many have clicked on the “View your Toll Invoice” button to disastrous results.

Unfortunately for those who fell for the scam, they were then led to download malicious files that could compromise their security.


The truth about phishing scams

Phishing scams continue to hound internet users, particularly with the ease these scams are sent out. The results could vary, from a case of identity theft to even ransoming the data. When these fraudulent emails are sent to company emails, or when they were accessed by someone using the company’s network, then the entire firm could be at risk.

How so? Criminals can piggyback on legitimate software to cull data, including the user’s credentials as well as browsing activity. To make the matters worse, they can access your files on the company’s server, thereby compromising your confidential data and client details.

You can just imagine the trouble it would cause in case your clientele finds out that their data has been compromised to a third-party. Clients normally go for the services of experienced managed IT firms to ensure that their data would be protected. If any of these sensitive information gets out, then the reputation of your company is severely compromised.

For this reason, it pays to enlist the services of a reputable managed IT service provider in Sydney. Doing so will protect you from phishing emails, such as the ones mentioned above. What’s more, a reliable service provider such as IntelliTeK has the means to safeguard your data, not only the ones in the Cloud but also the ones in your server.

At the end of the day, you deal with data and information. Make the necessary steps today to ensure that you are never put in a compromised position.


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