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Why IntelliTeK can be your IT support company in Brisbane - IntelliTeK Managed IT Services

Just because you’re located in Brisbane, doesn’t mean you have to acquire an IT support company in Brisbane too. The world we are living in means clients, customers and the general service offering can be managed and controlled from anywhere, thanks to 24/7 remote IT support and cloud/virtualisation technology. So don’t confine yourself to such a small search area, get in touch with IntelliTeK today and we can get a sales representative or engineer at your site tomorrow.

Here’s some quick pointers about why IntelliTeK will work out to be your IT support provider in Brisbane:

Competitive Pricing

We don’t give you the 100 mile sales pitch then present you with pricing that shoots through the roof. We are very much down to earth, and we understand that you probably have a budget in mind and would like to stick to it. Of course it will be a balancing act between your budget and your requirements and our offerings, but we are very open to ensure that we do business with you and eventually get to know your employees on a name to name basis as you will with ours.


Remote IT Support

Based in North Sydney we understand that you may think that the distance will prove a problem. But here at IntelliTeK we already have clients as far out as Alice Springs, NT and the outskirts of New South Wales so don’t see it as a problem and instead more of how we can form a warm and happy long-distance relationship. For the most part we are able to attend to calls/emails around the clock, no matter what Australian timezone. Our 24/7 IT support compliments our willingness and desire to offer on-site support – with highly skilled and experienced engineers ready and waiting to attend to your needs, worry less about distance and appreciate the quality of service that you will be receiving.


We know what we’re doing

We’ve been in the game for a number of years now, engineers have been with us for over 15 years and IntelliTeK is led by technical minded individuals. Our clients have also been with us for lengthy periods and some have seen upgrades to their IT as their business also upgrades. We only choose the best products and services and not necessarily the most expensive. Our belief in the likes of Amazon Web Services (For all your cloud needs) and WatchGuard (For all your IT security needs) has seen happy customers come back to us for IT infrastructure and capacity upgrades to take their business onto the next level.

IntelliTeK can easily be your IT support provider in Brisbane, just give us a call and we can setup a phone and/or face to face meeting with you at a time and place convenient for you.

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