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The Cloud, a term that refers to Internet-based software and services instead of locally on your computer, is becoming a business necessity today. Using the Cloud protects your investments, secures your data, and enables telecommuting and enhanced flexibility. In fact, your business can become obsolete in the coming years if you are not in the Cloud.

Yet as is the norm, technology still evolves at a rapid pace. While we were just talking about the Cloud, there are other terms that have been introduced to the market. If you are just wrapping your head about this concept, here are two more terms that you should ask your managed IT services provider about: Hybrid Cloud and MultiCloud.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud environment defines a setup where businesses use an on-premises private cloud and also use a public cloud hosted by a third-party. The private and public clouds are designed in such a way that the business can deploy applications and data across both.

A hybrid cloud environment is ideal for large enterprises. This enables them to test cloud deployment to one of their virtual environments without making a full switch. If there are problems with the new software or application, then they can easily switch back to what is working. It is also ideal for those who are considering a slow migration to the cloud by reducing their physical IT infrastructure and old equipment.

What is a MultiCloud?

If a hybrid cloud computing environment uses both a private and public setup, a MultiCloud environment harnesses the services of different cloud providers. There is no orchestration among the different cloud service providers, and every deployment is unique and stands on its own.

Using a MultiCloud setup gives a business the flexibility to choose which service provider to work with. They can deploy workloads anywhere and operate where they want. In a nutshell, you can choose a provider that is perfect for a specific part of your business, and these providers need not overlap.

This minimizes the risk of having your data compromised in case one of the vendors falls prey to hackers. You can still salvage parts of your businesses should that happen. You are also not locked to a specific vendor’s pricing and exit fees, giving you the flexibility to do business as you please.

What does this mean for you?

This means you need to have a detailed conversation with your cloud vendor to see if you should consider any of these choices. We are IntelliTek are more than happy to provide you insight – call us today for more information.

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