Cybercriminals hijack Christmas: Scam emails flood Australian inboxes!
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By now we are no longer surprised to see how cyber criminals would go the extra mile just to dupe a handful of people out of thousands. The holiday season is always on the list of opportune times to strike, not only for cybercriminals but also for criminals in the real world.

For this reason, we always encourage our clients to be extra vigilant during the holiday season. From double checking their online purchases to making sure that they are shopping on a secure site, they can never go wrong in ensuring that their privacy and security are at the most ideal conditions.

Take for example this recent scam that brandjacked the Australian post. A fake email mimicking the Australian post tells users that their parcels have not been delivered. Considering that the post office is typically busy during the holidays, users can then expect that some parcels may be delayed. However, it is very annoying to be told that a parcel you have been expecting has not been delivered.



Given this reasoning, it is understandable that many users may have been duped into clicking the “Get Dispatch Note.” After all, if it were you and you were waiting for a package, wouldn’t you also be in a hurry to get the dispatch note, too? Unfortunately for these users, they would be asked to download a zip file that contains malware.



We’re pretty sure you know what malware can do to your computer. Once this file is downloaded, the malware can either take effect immediately or install a few minutes or hours after the download so as not to arise suspicion.

As is the rule of thumb when it comes to downloading files from the Internet, make sure that you are downloading from a reputable website or from a source that you know. In this case, the delivery notice from the fake email is obviously a hoax since the subscriber is not mentioned by name. Had it been a legitimate notice, then the details of the package (such as the sender name, recipient’s name, and other pertinent details) might be mentioned. At the very least, the recipient’s name must be addressed properly to ensure that the Post Office has reached out to the right person.

Don’t let the stresses of the holidays get to you when it comes to protecting your online security. Remain vigilant, even if the season is supposed to be about peace and love. After all, cyber criminals are not resting in their efforts to sabotage someone else’s life by stealing their information and data. You should never compromise your security, too.


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