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Cloud Computing Begins With Hybrid Cloud Services - IntelliTeK Managed Services Sydney

Hybrid cloud is an environment which has both private and public cloud services, and this is where public cloud resources are easily consumed and integrated into the day-to-day operations of an organisation. It is safe to say most companies will use a combination of private computing resources (data centres and private clouds) and public services, where some of the services existing in these environments touch each other — this is the hybrid cloud environment.

Now that we are at the mobile age where everybody is seemingly connected to each other wirelessly wherever they are in the world, the importance of moving to the cloud has never been essential. One of the key reasons for the universal adoption of smartphones was the creation of applications that leverage the underlying smartphone hardware. Most phones today have a camera, but applications like Instagram and Snapchat are leveraging those technologies to prompt users to take pictures of everything they see – I mean we have to let people know what we’re doing for every minute of the day, don’t we?

So in an organisational sense a hybrid cloud is an environment where the private and public services are used together to create value. In definition if a company uses a public development platform that sends data to a private cloud or a data centre–based application then that is a hybrid cloud. Same goes for a company who leverages a number of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and moves data between private or data centre resources, as well as a business process which is designed as a service so that it can connect with environments as though they were a single environment.

IntelliTeK can provide solutions for all scenarios. With a focus on delivering a secure, scalable hybrid cloud architecture, combined with our set of hybrid services, we are seeing organisations grow hugely within a one-year timeframe. Our solutions are making the public cloud a reality for our customers and helping them to exceed their cloud journey goals.

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