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ANZ Phishing Scam Emails Claim Your Last Payment Was Unsuccessful | IntelliTeK Managed IT Services

So you’ve received an email this week regarding an unsuccessful transaction on your ANZ bank account? Chances are the email is fake and it is trying to steal your personal credentials.

Our friends over at Mailguard have reported a fake phishing scam email originating from ANZ claiming to notify customers of an unsuccessful payment. The email states that the user has tried to be contacted regarding the issue, but to no avail. The email also prompts the user to login into their ANZ internet banking account – all of which are totally untrue and the tell-tale signs of a fake phishing email are illustrated below.

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The tell-tale signs of a fake phishing scam email is always the poor grammar. Although the email is well constructed, the poor grammar is a huge giveaway. Added to that is the punctuation and spacing – the sentences appear to be grouped together and contain noticeable poor sentencing structure.

As well as that is the personalisation of the email, or should we say the lack of it. The email is generic and the ‘unsuccessful transaction’ can be for anyone.  The fake account number should also ring alarms – red flags should be raised if the account ending number on the fake email doesn’t match your personal account number nor the account number of the recipient.

If you’re viewing the email on a desktop you will notice if you hover your mouse over the email sender name that in fact the landing page of the email directs to – a fake domain which clearly shows that the internet banking page is not hosted by ANZ bank.

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The phishing email hit inboxes early Monday morning (28th August 2017) and was picked up almost immediately. If however one does proceed to the link provided in the email you will be directed to (above) a fake ANZ internet banking login screen. The huge giveaway at this stage, as mentioned before, is the domain. It clearly doesn’t originate from ANZ and if you begin to enter your credentials and press ‘Log on’ you can almost be certain that your credentials have been stolen by an attacker and it will only be a matter of time before they access your internet banking account and do whatever damage they intend to do.

To make matters worse is that when you proceed past the login page, the attackers direct you to another fake page – this time it prompts you for three security questions and answers. Presumably so that if you do change your main password, the attackers will have some sort of means to change it back using your security questions.

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Fortunately ANZ are aware of this latest phishing scam and have said:

Quick rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Delete the email immediately. Please contact the ANZ helpdesk immediately if you have:
1. Clicked on any links or downloaded any attachments
2. Responded to the hoax email, SMS or phone call with your banking details
3. Noticed any unusual payments.

As well as the ANZ helpdesk you may contact our IT support helpdesk if you feel your account or machine has been compromised in anyway whatsoever.

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