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5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your IT Support Company | IntelliTeK Managed IT Services Sydney

Often, business partnerships are like some relationships, good in the beginning but struggle as time goes by. The same can apply for IT support companies who are called upon to provide a service for businesses where unfortunately the negatives are magnified more than the positives. IT support can be a fragile service at times and there are tell-tale signs that you should leave your IT support company and switch over to another one.


They haven’t learnt from previous bad experiences

If you’ve had a bad experience with your IT support company and they don’t learn from your bad experiences, then it is time to disconnect the cables and find a new provider. Especially if the bad experiences are the fault of the IT company then it goes to show that they are brushing it aside or they simply have no desire to change. In a matter of time and in this digital age, opinions will spread around the Internet like wildfire and people will soon latch onto companies who simply have poor support. Companies who do not adapt and instead stick to their same policies which do not necessarily match yours is a definite red flag.

You’re not being offered what was written on the label

If the service differs from what you signed up for then you need to do some investigating. If for example your network speed was said to be 100Mbps but you are getting way less than that then you need to take it to the IT company and get them to sort it out. Of course reading the small print helps and often or not there is a minimum percentage offering for speed related services (Eg. Minimum 30% of advertised speed), but if the company insists that they are delivering what’s promised and you are unhappy with what they are providing then it maybe time to find another provider.

You notice other clients/customers are leaving

Clients leaving is always a bad sign. Especially when they leave in numbers. You will usually hear bad goings on from online reviews, news stories and even industry related gatherings where other companies are able to share experiences about other companies. There is usually a source for all the departures, and sometimes you will never know about it. But sometimes it’s scattered around the Internet – companies acquiring/merging with others, companies getting into trouble or CEO’s behaving badly – giving your business a bad name.

They are upping their prices

Always a no-no in any industry, but if the increase in pricing is unjustifiable and not in the small print of your contract then feel free to break free. If anything providers should be offering you loyalty deals – increase in service/product offerings upon contract renewals etc – so when a company imposes an unjustifiable pricing increase then it makes it easier to look elsewhere.

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