Amazon Cloud Based Solutions

In recent times, the cloud has proven itself to be a revolutionary breakthrough in technology. The cloud has allowed many businesses to increase productivity and decrease inconveniences of a normal network.

More and more businesses are moving their old infrastructure to Amazon’s Cloud services every day. However, this process is difficult, and the switch takes professional software engineering to ensure a quick and easy migration. This is where IntelliTek’s Amazon Cloud Based Business Solutions become useful.

Based in Sydney, Australia, IntelliTek specializes in designing, preparing, and migrating physical or virtual server environments to the Amazon Cloud. In addition to being a preferred partner of Amazon Web Services, IntelliTek is used by many clients as the best cloud based data migration and software engineering service in Australia. IntelliTek’s Amazon Cloud Based Business Solutions will upload your existing network into the cloud in a timely manner to minimise downtime and allow quick access to the infrastructure.

Using benchmark and pilot migrations, IntelliTek’s Amazon Cloud Based Business Solutions can move (aka migrate) your Windows, Linux, Mail servers and Database Servers, to the Cloud using IntelliTek’s specialised migration tools.

IntelliTek specialises in zero or minimal downtown while migrating to Amazon’s AWS.

Our specialists can also determine how files should be moved. Once your servers are in the Amazon Cloud, your business will be more productive with accessibility, elasticity, savings, and fewer issues within the network.

There is no better time than now to move your business’ infrastructure to the cloud. Now, you can with IntelliTek’s Amazon Cloud Based Business Solutions. Contact us today to speak to an experienced professional and set up your migration. We will work hard on your network to ensure that your business can get back to work in no time. Many Australian businesses have been satisfied with IntelliTek’s Amazon Cloud Based Business Solutions; we are convinced that you will be satisfied as well.

Why IntelliTeK?

 We are 100% Australian-owned with 60 years of IT consultancy and Software Engineering experience

 We implement continuous business improvements with strategic guidance and consultancy for optimising your IT needs including business case preparation and capacity planning

We have access to technology by leveraging our wide range of industry leading vendor relationships

We have one single support operation for your entire IT portfolio

We strive to solve issues at the first point of contact and prioritise client’s SLA’s

We have a helpdesk which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We have a proven transition process that enables us to take on board a wide range of clients and work load

We are centred around providing affordable and high-quality managed IT services


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