Our Values

IntelliTeK are a team of IT professionals who have years of experience and actively work in an environment where positivity stems from the bottom, up. We seek to provide solutions to all problems and ensure we do it in a manner where the customer is happy and the employee is proud of the job they have done.

Customer Focus

Our main common goal is to provide solutions to serve the customer. After assessing the best option for the customer, we set out to achieve solutions with the best interests of the customer in mind. We focus on customer needs by providing rapid and flexible communications at all times to ensure the customer is always the number one priority.


We believe in providing solutions collectively. Collectively addressing problems in order to provide effective solutions. We support each other and encourage open communication in order to share ideas and information within the organisation as well as providing recognition for our successes and owning up to mistakes so we can learn from them and improve future processes.


We don’t only strive for excellence, but we do things in a manner where our clients and customers can rely on us to deliver where needed. Our professionalism stems from the bottom, up and we never take any client, customer or opportunity for granted when we are called upon to provide solutions.


Being in IT we know that there isn’t a one-stop solutions for all problems. We’ve got it programmed into our minds that with determination comes solutions. We are always willing to take extra steps to ensure that problems are prevented as well as solved. We always take steps to ensure that the ideas and solutions that we present customers and clients are the best possible solution.